Athens Cheece and Food Festival




The Athens Cheese and Food Festival is a food festival held at the Peace and Friendship Stadium in October 2016. It was the first festival under this name. It was the merger of the Agroquality Festival and the 5th Milk and Cheese Festival, two exhibitions organized annually by the European Organization for Strategic Planning.

Giorgos Papatriantafyllou undertook the re-branding of the Exhibition and entrusted us with the Online promotion of the Festival. Our goal was to design a Website and create targeted ads on social media. Our target group was:

a) people aged 25-50, heads of families, and mainly women.

b) Singles and couples, 25-45 years old,  who are very involved in healthy lifestyles, sports, cooking, wine, etc.


The client promoted the festival on both TV and radio. RockMedia promoted it online with Facebook ads. At the same time, we also utilized influencers, who shared the festival with their friends.  Finally, in order to increase the public’s interest, we also ran contests with prizes for products from the Exhibition.

During the festival, we were at the Exhibition site and tracked the attendance of the public. The results showed that 42% of visitors learned about the festival through our Social Media campaigns.

Website Redesign

Crisis Management alert: Meat eaters vs Vegans

In addition to website design and advertising, RockMedia also managed the Athens Cheese and Food Festival Facebook page for the period leading up to the fair and the two weeks following.

In the Facebook Event, a great discussion started between Vegans who damned the Festival and meat eaters who supported it. We had predicted that there was a high chance of this happening, as the event had gained a lot of publicity on the Internet. We were watching the discussion, which was quite tense. We had prepared a response that would calm spirits, in case a commenter asked for our point of view. In the end, we didn’t have to intervene in the conversation, which turned out to be the best option.




  • Website Design
  • UI / UX
  • Graphic Design
  • Image Editing
  • Social Media Ads
  • Facebook Page Management


  • 10 Web Pages
  • Professional Images
  • On-Page SEO
  • Website Analytics
  • Event Registration Analytics


  • Website Hosting
  • Maintenance/ Tech Support