"I have a website, now what?"

Your website is your online office. To do online business, you need to talk about it and advertise it. People are using Social Media to talk to each other and share things. They also see ads. You have to be part of the discussion and you have to display your ads. The strategy is the same, especially for small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Create Marketing Content
  • Share it on Social Media
  • Plus use Ads

Create great content that attracts attention and builds trust. Spread it to Social Media, websites and email lists. Advertise it to reach more people than just your followers. If you execute well, you will increase your popularity, your website traffic and, subsequently, your sales.


How can I help you

There are several Social Media Marketing and Advertising Channels you can use to achieve your goals. Every one of them will bring more visitors to your website. What will set you apart from your competition,  is the way you will use them. Before I explain how I can help you grow your small business online, let’s take a quick look at those Channels.

Social Media

We use Social Media to speak to our audience, attract their attention and lead them to our website. This can be done in three ways: 1) Organic Content in our Social Media business accounts and our individual profiles 2) Paid Advertising, so your message can reach more users than your followers 3) Influencers/ “experts”, “opinion makers” who can talk about us online and attract more attention to our business.


Probably the best and most reliable content form on the web. With a blog, you establish a constant and deeper connection with your audience. Most of your readers will not know you personally. By reading your blog they get to know you on a deeper level, rather than just seeing your online Ads. Combine your blog with Social Media and you will build trust as a professional.

Google Ads

Users are searching online for your products or services with relevant Keywords. To appear in their Google Search Results and at the top of the first page, you use Google Ads.

Display Advertising

By putting your business’s banners (or articles) on popular and relevant websites, you increase your brand awareness and your website traffic. 

Email Marketing

Email is used best, to stay in touch with your current and past customers. Email is also a great way to remind your audience of special offers, new services, events, seminars and so on.

So, again: What can I do for you?

As an Online Business Consultant, I can help you with the following:

  1. Design a Marketing Strategy and a Marketing Plan for your business
  2. Set up all the online marketing channels we just discussed
  3. Design a streamline of tasks for each channel. Those tasks will include content (&ad) creation, execution, monitoring and evaluating results
  4. Train the personnel that will execute our strategy and perform those tasks  
  5. Supervise 


Contact me

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